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Watch: Bison Media Zone's 2018 Summer Video Series

Want to keep tabs on the Bison during the summer months?

Follow along with our summer video series on the Bison Media Blog as we preview the upcoming 2018 season. This is the fifth straight year of the series, and we're breaking down each week along a different theme. Here are the categories that we’ll be featuring, along with a continually updated list of links:

Top 5 Newcomers to Watch [#5: Michael Tutsie] [#4: Josh Babicz] [#3: Garret Wegner] [#2 Christian Watson] [#1 Phoenix Sproles]

Top 7 Breakthrough Players [#7 James Hendricks] [#6 Quinn Alo] [#5 Cordell Volson] [#4 Josh Hayes] [#3 Dillon Radunz] [#2 Marquise Bridges] [#1 Seth Wilson]

Top 5 Most Underrated Players [#5 Colin Conner] [#4 Stanley Jones] [#3 Ben Ellefson] [#2 Dimitri Williams] [#1 Jaylaan Wimbush]

Top 7 Most Indispensable Players

Follow along using the #NDSUSeasonOpenerCountdown hashtage on Twitter and Facebook. A new video will go up every other day at 10 a.m. to quench your football thirst until fall camp begins in late July.

Head over to the Bison Media Blog to watch.