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Letter: We must vote for candidates that support our democracy

In the last few years we have seen a serious attack on democracy in the United States, our country who four of my brothers and I served in the military to defend.

When President Obama nominated a candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court in the final year of his presidency, Congress decided it was too close to the presidential election and did not give Judge Merrick Garland any consideration.

So this year, a few months before the midterm congressional elections, a rapid railroad job took place to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. After 38 years of working as a teacher and administrator in public education, I now find out that the legislative branch of our government is not as important as the executive branch and the judicial branch is only there to support the executive branch. Therefore, all the history and civic classes we taught for many years were incorrect if there are no checks and balances among the three branches.

As I see it today, the oligarchy is attempting to take over control of our democracy and the next step will be a dictatorship and there will be no need for Congress or the Supreme Court. I'm glad that I'm 86 years old and won't be around to see that happen.

Don't let this happen and vote for candidates who will support democracy.

Mock lives in Moorhead.