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Letter: Where is the evidence of a crime?

Is this not still the United States of America? It is as far as I know. Is one not innocent until proven guilty in the U.S.? Guess not if you are a conservative accused of the sexual assault of an avowed leftist 36 years ago.

No one has presented any evidence of a crime. There is only a story, very reluctantly told by someone who conveniently can't remember hardly any of the details. Even friends of hers she says were present do not confirm the story. Even so, the left has stated in no uncertain terms it will continue to attempt to ruin Justice Kavanaugh's life and reputation and has even told us it will get him impeached.

Those claiming they will get him impeached for something someone claims he did in an unsubstantiated story fueled by partisan politics might want to consider this fact: He cannot be impeached for something he did 36 years ago. He can only be impeached for an offense he commits while serving as a Supreme Court Justice.

Brandt lives in Fargo.