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Letter: Is this the America we want our kids to see?

Has anyone thought of what the young kids think when at or watching a political rally when the one leading the rally calls a group of Americans SOBs and their parents clap and wave their "Make America Great Again" signs?

What do they think when the president insults other countries and refers to their people in vile terms? What do they think when a Gold Star military family whose son has made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up his life is not immune to the demeaning comments? What do they think when insults continue to fly for people with disabilities, women, minorities, and, most sadly, those who can't defend themselves?

Our kids are watching. Our grandkids are watching. All these mean and degrading things are said, yet people still cheer and clap and wave their signs. Is this the America we want to show our younger generations? All you hear from our political leaders are insults, degrading comments and sexual misconduct and no one wants to hold anyone accountable for their actions. Is that the America we want our kids to see? I keep thinking of the words of Billy Bush's daughter as he explained to his family when he and President Trump were leaving from a bus and Trump was bragging what he could do to a woman. She looked at him and said, "but daddy you were laughing."

How many of our kids today have this confused look and are wondering "Why are you laughing, clapping and waving your signs?"

Monilaws lives in Absaraka, N.D.