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Letter: August is summer, right?

I love August, but I do not like the stealing of summer days by the prevalent comments: "Oh summer is over," "Summer went so fast," and all of the back to school hustle and bustle.

I'm choosing to see joy in August: the wheat fields reach that ripe color of golden cream, the haze in the sunset as a combine finishes its job, the sunflower heads droop as the seeds fill out, and the corn putting its energy into adding rows and kernels.

By the way, the verdict is out on needing another inch of rain. It's BLT season for goodness sake. Eat pea pods and cherry tomatoes as you water the garden. Sit outside in the calm mornings and evenings without the North Dakota transitional winds making their entrance.

These moments matter and provide us joy when we notice and still claim summer in August.

Young lives in Fargo.