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Letter: Those who make excuses for racists are part of the problem

In response to the letter "World War II was not about racism" published Aug. 8:

It likely true that World War II was not fought over racism but was more about resources; however, one could make the argument that Japanese and German racism towards inferior races was a contributing factor. Both the Germans and Japanese believed they were the superior race.

The internment of Japanese Americans was an act of racism. Just as the ban on Muslim travel was an act of racism as well as an act of religious bigotry. If it had been about security concerns, the Trump family and all the Germans in North Dakota would have been rounded up and put into internment camps. The lack of German internment camps should help you understand the attitude of the American people during World War II. Japanese Americans lost their business property and homes for the crime of being Japanese. Muslim Americans would never have had a ban put on their movement if they were all white. In life you are given a chance to chose, either you are a part of the problem or you are a part of the solution. Those who chose to make excuses for the actions of racists are a part of the problem. Countless millions of people have been killed for no other reason than their religion or race. Today, millions of people live in fear every day because they are being persecuted for being Christian, Muslim, Black, Asian or Middle Eastern.

Burt lives in Fargo.