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Letter: Recent letter was a tribute to blatant racism and historical denialism

Tom Nagle's Aug. 8 letter, "World War II was not about racism," was a tribute to blatant racism and historical denialism.

What was done to loyal Japanese-Americans during World War II was incarceration, not "internment." They were stripped of their basic human rights, not "inconvenienced." Before the incarceration, the tiny minority of collaborators were already arrested. Even J. Edgar Hoover opposed incarceration in the deliberations on this. If so many were disloyal, why did the government draft and recruit out of the camps, only to to form the most decorated US battalions in the war?

Nagle's hateful screed makes sense in this age where children seeking refugee status from MS-13, are locked up as suspects of that gang.

The left and the labor movement aren't blame free in this injustice. Only the American Friends Service Committee fought this travesty tooth and nail. But at least many on the left have owned up and apologized for their complicity. Nagle is just performing business as usual, upholding the MAGA Mandate.