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Letter: Trump supporters need math tutors

Trump supporters have a difficult time figuring out what is true, and what is not. Math also seems to be a difficult endeavor for the crowd that loves President Trump.

Trump gives his minions a tax break. They cheer and feel vilified. Next Trump starts his trade war. This is where the math confuses the Trump supporters. For every dollar they think they gained on the great tax break they lose ten in their retirement account and the additional cost of all goods they use in their daily lives.

It works a lot like the lie Trump tells when he talks about massive crowds at his rallies or the number of immigrants crossing the border. Trump lies, his supporters ignore it, and all is fine until you pay more for everything or try to retire with no health care.

At some point, the Trump crowd is bound to awaken and realize they have been to the carnival. The prize they won cost less than the price they paid to play the game. The psychology of the Trump supporter is just like the gambler at the casino--they only remember when they win and their mind is blank when they think about how much they lost. Ultimately, poor math busts the gambler, and as Trump runs up the deficit his magic math will catch up with all of us.

Quinn lives in Hazen, N.D.