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Letter: Why is it racist to try to protect our borders?

According to the liberal news media and liberal politicians and their liberal Hollywood friends, America is an awful place for immigrants because of Trump's border policies. If America is so bad, why are thousands of people trying to sneak into the country, even risking separation from their children?

Some far left loons like Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., have compared our border policies on immigration with the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. The situation is not even close. Those Japanese during World War II included a large number of American citizens. They lost their homes and businesses because outright fear (misguided fear) by the U.S. government.

Some on the left have gone so far as to compare the president's immigration policies with Nazi concentration camps. You know, this sort of nonsense is not only wild and ignorant, but is an insult to the millions of innocents who died in Nazi concentration camps. Those people were not trying to break into Germany, they were trying to escape! Totally, totally different scenario than what we now have on our borders.

Why is it racist to try to protect our borders? Some liberals like Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., are calling for open borders. Are these people serious? Many of our schools and holding facilities are overwhelmed now, to say nothing of our jails. Trust me, not all of these immigrants are hard-working, law-abiding citizens.

The old saying is that charity begins at home. Well then, what about the 14 to 15 million American children who are living in poverty and often go to bed hungry? Do you see any liberal TV commentators our far left movie stars crying over them? And some of our indian reservations have horrible living conditions, especially for children. Do you see anybody protesting for them?

Let's face it, our immigration policy has been a disaster for decades, under both Republicans and Democrats. There is no simple, easy solution, but wild accusations will certainly not come close to solving the problem.

Kovach lives in Nevis, Minn.