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Letter: President Trump lacks sense of empathy and sense of propriety

I am truly saddened by President Trump's remark during a rally in Montana where he inappropriately joked that Rep. Maxine Waters' IQ was in the mid-60s.

As a school psychologist with 31 years of experience, likely the most challenging part of my job was to inform parents of a young child that their child had a disability due to a mental handicap. Having that conversation with parents never got any easier over my career, as I observed their pain and confusion as they tried to take in the information that I provided to them. I could not empathize with their struggle, as none of my own children had a disability, and I tried the best I could to comfort these parents and to provide them and their child with support.

Because of that background, I am sickened that anyone would attempt to make light of people with disabilities. It makes it even more disheartening when it is done by the President of the United States. Has he no sense of decency, no sense of compassion for others in need of help? This is but one more instance of the president's behavior that suggests he has a lack of empathy and a lack of propriety.

Veit lives in Lake Park, Minn.