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Letter: It's pretty rich for McFeely to attack F-M Diversion opponents

It is difficult to understand Mike McFeely. He recently wrote a somewhat hysterical attack on the upstream individuals and communities that will be impacted by the flooding because of the F-M Diversion.

I wonder about the motivation for such attacks. As you may know, he lives adjacent to the Oakport area of Moorhead. This area is an abandoned channel of the Red River and thus is flood-prone. Given the history of flooding, it was a mistake to build homes there.

The rationale of the F-M Diversion supporters is that Fargo must be protected and someone else will be flooded. McFeely conveniently sidesteps the fact that Fargo's developed areas are protected. We are now fighting over new developments in a rural flood plain, as the Amy Corp's documents show. It is hard to conceive that any reasonable person wants to condone development in flood-prone areas, but he does. He cannot claim to be unaware of the financial cost of levees and dikes to protect an area that never should have been developed as occurred in Oakport. To advocate for continued development in flood-prone areas and impact the lives and livelihoods of others not in a floodplain, one must question McFeely's moral compass.

Rogne lives in Kindred, N.D.