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Wanzek Family Foundation funds Life Skills Center in Medora, ND

Wanzek Family Foundation funds Life Skills Center in Medora, ND

Medora, ND: The Wanzek Family Foundation recently donated $300,000 to help fund the new Life Skills Center operated by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation in Medora, North Dakota. The purpose of the Life Skills Center is to provide students and people from foreign countries help adjusting to life in western North Dakota while they work to improve the Medora experience for visitors and tourists.

The Life Skills Center, which opened last spring, includes music rooms for the cast of the Medora Musical to practice during bad weather, as well as employee offices, the museums archive, recreation and fitness areas, an English as a second language classroom, and a multipurpose commons area for employees to eat meals and to congregate and grow closer as a community.

"The addition of the Life Skills Center will help young people continue their education while working in Medora and improve their lives while they serve the tourism industry in western North Dakota," Wanzek stated. "I am grateful that the Wanzek Family Foundation has the opportunity to be a part of that." More information about the Wanzek Family Foundations activities can be found at their website at